Do you wish you knew your video set-up was awesome, so you could relax and feel confident every time you hop on camera?

Discover how to clear up those little things that keep you off balance when you're going live or on a Zoom call, like lighting, camera angle, and what's in your backdrop.

Get deeper clarity on who you are and the message you want to share. And during the process, discover a whole new way of connecting with your ideal clients, visually.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a coach, solopreneur or highly sensitive person who is regularly visible (or plans to be) on calls, videos, or lives.

  • You want to feel more confident about your on-camera presentation.

  • You’re interested in new ways to connect with ideal clients.

  • You’re a bit clueless about tech and lighting and just want it to be easy.

  • You have a home office or desk you can rearrange if necessary to create your optimal video backdrop.

  • You want practical knowledge and steps, but you’re curious about the energetics of Feng Shui and Astrology.

Video Backdrops that Connect will help you fix:

  • Worrying that you look or sound bad during Zoom calls and feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to fix that.

  • Not being sure if the way you’re presenting yourself is helping potential clients to know, like, and trust you.

  • Not knowing how to make your backdrop look as good as those high-end coaches who hired an Interior Designer.

  • Avoiding going live because you don’t want people to see what’s going on in your background.

  • Resigning yourself to using one of those virtual backdrops but hating how weird they make your hair look.

  • Feeling frustrated because you don’t understand how lighting works, where you should sit in relation to your windows, or if you need a ring light.

  • Feeling embarrassed that your background is so cluttered and chaotic, but dreading tidying it up.

  • Believing you have a poor eye for what looks good and don’t know what's okay to have in your backdrop.

  • Wishing you could just point your camera at yourself and go live instead of typing up social media posts, but not feeling like you have a good place to do it.

It’s hard to feel comfortable on camera when you aren’t sure what vibes you’re giving off, or if your backdrop is not designed well.

When I first started doing Zoom calls all the time, even as an Interior Designer I was super nervous my backdrop wasn’t right. I kept looking at high ticket coaches and trying to copy what they were doing, totally losing myself in the process. 

In the middle of all that FOMO I had a major epiphany. Displaying things that were meaningful to me gave me confidence on camera!  That authenticity made me more magnetic to my people. 

When I combined this idea with the use of a focal point - the design principle that uses our natural tendency to be drawn to one eye-catching spot - suddenly I felt much more confident every time I went live. 

Now I knew I wasn’t distracting people with what was behind me, and I was actually more attractive by sharing myself and my message intentionally. 

People started commenting on how much they loved different elements of my backdrop, and I felt such peace about going live. 

You too can have confidence your backdrop and video set-up are great.  

Easy tech, design principles, and a little woo woo magic (if it suits you) will create a video presence that gives you the confidence to show up consistently and connect with your ideal clients.

With this course, you'll be able to:

  • Feel calm and centered because the tech set up was simple and easy, and you know how to look your best and sound clear on your calls.

  • Have the confidence to be more consistently visible on camera because you know your backdrop looks awesome.

  • Know you can DIY your backdrop and make it look better, easily, without it taking too much time.

  • Comfortably share more of who you are as a person, so clients will know, like, and trust you.

  • Know how to address lighting anytime you need to go live.

  • Have a simple decluttering process that is FUN, that takes the dread out of tidying things up.

  • Know what looks good, is aligned with your authentic self, and will attract your ideal clients.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Define your goal

    3. Orientation

    1. 1. Energetic shifts to your backdrop with Feng Shui

    2. 2. Demystifying lighting so you can shine on camera

    3. 3. How to look and sound great with easy tech tips

    4. 4. Choosing a storyboard design for your backdrop

    5. 5. Developing your sacred storyboard

    6. 6. Attracting good energy with Feng Shui

    7. 7. Using Astrology to connect what you love and what you do

    8. 8. Arranging your backdrop display

    9. 9. Designing a pre-video ritual for confident presence

    1. Lesson Resources:

    2. Next Steps

9 concise lessons

  • 1 hour of video content

Social proof: testimonials

“Jen helped me figure out how to make my video backdrop and setup look amazing AND reflect my Sagittarius self all at the same time. I felt so much better about the objects I love and my own taste after I worked with her, and I stopped thinking my backdrop should look a certain way. Instead, I felt confident to totally embrace my style and at the same time, know that it wasn't distracting or taking away from my videos. I've gotten TONS of compliments on my backdrop and it's in my high-ticket courses, providing that just-right mix of professional but totally ME! ”

Abigail Morgan, Master Mind-Body Coach

“I worked with Jen at a time when I was narrowing in on my niche and was stuck with too many ideas. As we cleared out my home office and designed a new intentional plan, my deeper values and most enduring interests came into focus. Before, walking into my office felt chaotic and stressful. Now, it is instantly calming and inspiring. Jen narrows in on what you need to work at your highest level, and guides you in creating an environment that supports your great work.”

Dr. Andrea Moore, Low Back Pain Coach

What you receive:

  • Immediate access to the 9 fun, inspiring lessons.

  • Templates, worksheets, and resources to make actioning what you learn super easy.

  • Storyboarding mock-ups for developing your authentically aligned video backdrop display.

Terms & Conditions:

Read thoroughly before purchasing

Video Backdrops that Connect does not teach professional videography, nor does it cover public speaking. The course is meant to help you become more comfortable and confident on camera by understanding basic lighting, camera, and mic, and using household décor to personalize an area of your home for your video backdrop. Further, it does not include information about mobile backdrops. I encourage you to read this page fully and mindfully to avoid any misunderstanding about what is being covered and what is included. All purchases are final.


Self-study: DIY at your own pace & time.


Jennifer Mallinger

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